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Chemical Products

   The Barzaghi Company has been present in the domestic and international markets since 1924. During its 75 years of activity, Barzaghi has been able to acquire the expertise needed for meeting market needs at their very best.
   At the origin the company was formed by the alliance of American technology together with the Barzaghi Brothers. Over the years, the company has developed with continuity up to the point of becoming a solid reality located in the outskirts of Milan. It has always been faithful to its own tradition as one of the largest Italian manufacturers of CarboxyMethylCellulose.
   New product lines were added to the historical ones, such as the transformation for industrial applications of starch and guar gum, formulations for the textile industry, liquid soaps, and additives for drilling muds.


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ADDRESS:   BARZAGHI srl - Via Casorezzo, 71 - 20010 ARLUNO (MI) - ITALY
    TEL:   (0039) 02.9017505 / 02.9017681 / 02.9037676
    FAX:   (0039) 02.90376284
E-MAIL:   uffici@barzaghi.com